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The new home of medical careers

OUr mission


Get inspired by diverse medical careers


Discover your talents & study something you love


Benefit from bespoke coaching and connect with like-minded people

Transform your career & fulfil your potential

Eurekadoc welcomes you

 We help doctors design careers they love. Whether you are thinking of leaving medicine, diversifying your career or looking to start a business, you are in the right place.

Our vision is to help you create the success and happiness you deserve and lead the career and lifestyle of your dreams.

Next Event


Mini MBA in Healthcare

This two day mini MBA (Masters in Business Administration) will cover core modules for delegates to gain a basic understanding and build a foundation for their career and personal growth - now run in conjunction with London South Bank University (LSBU)

New Re-launch for 2022/2023!



Curate your career through our latest courses

Accelerate your career and leadership potential with Eurekadoc and the RSM

Mini MBA in healthcare

Learn how you can invest in property and improve your financial health, wealth and stability!

property investing foundation course
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