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Mini-MBA in Healthcare

This two-day mini MBA (Masters in Business Administration) will cover seven core modules for delegates to gain a basic understanding and build a foundation for their career and personal growth

Modules covered

  • Design thinking

  • Accounting basics

  • Strategy essentials

  • Introduction to economics

  • Negotiation, motivation and personality types

  • Leadership and managing change

  • Marketing 

Future event


Date and time:

Sat 12th Sep - Sun 13th Sep 2021

09:00 – 17:00 BST

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course leader

Dr Aroon Baskaradas, Founder, Eurekadoc


  • To understand core features of an MBA and business strategy

  • To learn about basic accounting principles and explore the process of design thinking

  • To develop leadership and negotiating capabilities in navigating the challenges of healthcare

  • To appreciate how the principles behind marketing and economics apply to running organisations 

who should attend? 

Doctors of all grades and specialties, GPs, medical students, healthcare professionals and anyone with an interest in completing a mini MBA to support your career, learn business skills or improve the way healthcare or your organisation runs. The course is suitable for complete beginners through to those who have a business or idea they are working on.

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