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Property Investing for doctors

Have you always wanted to invest in property but feel you don’t have the time, money or experience to do so? If so, then this course is for YOU!

We’ll show you that anyone can invest in property and we can show you ways to invest in property without using your own time or money.

Returning 2020!
Date and time:

Returning 2020!

On the course you will learn about:

  • The fundamentals of investment (common terminologies and calculations)

  • How to spot a good investment

  • Which properties to buy/avoid

  • How to be successful in the Brexit market

  • Deal analysis made easy

  • Risk mitigation

  • High cashflow strategies

  • How to generate profits from properties you don't own

  • How to build a tax efficient portfolio (individual vs Ltd co purchases)

  • How to save yourself £1000 in tax as a doctor

  • Investing with no prior money or experience

  • Creative ways of financing deal


Don't miss this opportunity to invest in yourself and improve your financial health! A fantastic networking breakfast as well as refreshements and lunch is included in the ticket price. We look forward to welcoming you on Saturday 30th June.

This course is suitable from complete beginners to experienced investors.

Course Director:

Lafina Diamandis is a medical doctor, educator and property investor with over 10 years of experience buying, developing and selling residential properties in London. She runs the only course in the UK specialising in property training for doctors, has authored 2 books including the upcoming 'Property Investing for Doctors' and is a founding member of Quorum Property Developers Club. Lafina is also the co-founder of Eurekadoc, a startup helping doctors to realise their full potential through diverse medical education and careers curation. She has delivered education and training to over 1000 doctors to date and is an advocate for portfolio careers in medicine.

Currently working on a pipeline of developments between £1 and £5 million across the UK, Lafina's focus is on leveraging her experience and contacts in both real estate and healthcare, to create innovative solutions for the housing problems faced by patients as well as healthcare staff. She is motivated by projects with a social purpose and is curious about how concept such as 'Co-Living' could be used within the healthcare sphere and the positive impact that this could have on our communities.

Course Tutors:

Simon Misciewiscz - Optimise Tax Accountants: Simon is a property tax specialist and financial advisor specialising in the needs of the medical community.

Dr Say Vivekanantham - Say is a doctor and property expert who has built up a large portfolio of HMO's and now runs Pentagon Property who specialising in sourcing great investment properties and providing handsfree tenant and property management services for landlords and investors.

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