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Online CoURSES

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Course Lead Dr Aroon Baskaradas

Management Consulting for Medics
property investing.jpg

Course Lead Dr Lafina Diamandis

Property Investing for Doctors

Course Lead Dr Aroon Baskaradas

Digital Mini-MBA


Unleashing the Power of Leadership .png

Course Lead Dr Neslyn Watson-Druée

Unleashing the Power of Leadership
An MBA is not just business.png

Course Lead Dr Aroon Baskaradas

An MBA is not Just Business: It's Personal
Healthcare Innovation On A

Course Lead Professor Tony Young

Healthcare Innovation on a Shoestring
Happiness is VR.png

Course Lead Professor Shafi Ahmed

Happiness is VR:

Revolutionising Surgical Education

The Business In You!.png

Course Lead Dr Imran Kausar

The Business In You!

Occupational Medicine.png

Course Lead Dr Abeyna Jones

Occupational Medicine:

Medicine's Best Kept Secret!

GP Partner.png

Course Lead Dr Vinay Shankar

GP Partner: To Be Or Not To Be?
Top Tax Tips for Doctors.png

Course Lead Dr Simon Misiwicz

Top Tax Tips For Doctors
Turning Your Audit Into Health

Course Lead Dr David Neal

Turning Your Audit Into Health Policy
Career Design Workshop.png

Course Lead Laura Hewitt

Career Design Workshop for Doctors
Social media.png

Course Lead Aisha Malik

Social Media for Medics
Transferable skills.png

Course Lead Dr Aroon Baskaradas

Transferrable Skills for Medics

Live Webinars

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