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You're a successful, driven medic deciding to transition into Management Consulting. Get the Edge. Get In. 
  • Get the facts fast without spending days and weeks going round in circles

  • Get honest answers to the questions you have from medics who have successfully made the transition

  • Maximise your chances for the application stage, the CV review and the interview stage

  • Get the EXPERT insider tips on how to succeed - course designed by author of Amazon bestseller - "Getting into Management Consulting for Medics' - Dr Aroon Baskaradas, MBA

Coming back 2019...
Price: TBC 2019
Date and time:

TBC 2019


TBC 2019

In this intensive bootcamp:

  • Get the 'low-down' on Management Consulting: What it is, why you should consider a career in consulting, career progression and how management consulting can help you no matter what career you end up in 

  • Understand the core skills required to become a management consultant and put them in practice so you arrive at the interview already having done it

  • Live interview practice on stage covering three areas: suitability; skills and experience; and delivery

  • Work on two interactive real-life Man Con projects during the course (both health and non health)

  • Learn about the structure of consulting projects so that you know what you are talking about

  • Essential CV Review & On Screen Walk Through - We will review every CV you send in and feedback to you

  • Q&A with doctors who have successfully transitioned into Management Consulting

  • Lunch Provided, along with unlimited teas, coffees and snacks throughout the day


Course tutors:

Mr Aroon Baskaradas - Former Management consultant, Ernst & Young (EY), Orthopaedic Surgeon, & Author of Amazon Bestseller - Getting into management consulting for medics

Dr Josh Balogun-Lynch - Management Consultant, EY

Mr Yiannis Gekas - Management Consultant, PA Consulting Group




"Thank you so much. I get it now and have a clear idea of what I need to work on"
AD, Core Surgical Trainee

"Cheers for putting together a well organised course...the mock case interview section was invaluable - I feel much more confident knowing how to talk through these"
MP, GP VTS Year 2

"I've been considering consulting for some months now but haven't had the time to look into it. This was a small price to pay for cutting down hours and days of research into my next potential career change"

"Guys I got in. An eternal thank you"
MK, Soon to be Senior Consultant

"It was an honest and balanced course. They weren't trying to push it but also gave the key facts I needed to have the edge"
ER, Medical Student

"When you're changing careers so late in the game, you need every bit of support you can get. I got a lot more than I thought out of this course. What I found most helpful was the discussion on how to pitch myself - Ive actually done a lot of stuff thats quite relevant once you know what they are looking for..."

NT, Consultant, Opthalmology

Refund policy: Full refund up to two weeks before. 50% refund up to one week before. Apologies no refunds are available in the final week.

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